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Monitor your system performance, memory, CPU, disk usage and more.
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Directory Monitor Directory Monitor
Directory Monitor allows you to monitor selected directories or network shares for file changes, modifications, deletions and new files that were added. The program can alert you with a balloon tip from the system tray whenever a file action is detected and you can also choose to execute a custom command for each monitored folder. Other features include an option to exclude specific file types from the monitor and export to text log file. If you need to run Directory Monitor as a background service, you can unlock this functionality for $30. ...
4 star rating for Directory Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

Unchecky Unchecky
Unchecky is a small tool that can help you prevent accidental acceptance of third party sponsor offers during software installations. The program runs as a background service and monitors your software installations. If it detects any unrelated offers, it automatically unchecks them for you, so you don't accidentally install any unwanted software. We tested Unchecky with a handful of different installers and it worked particularly well with OpenCandy, AVG and some others (see our screenshots). Keep in mind that there are many different types of third party offers and installation schemes and Unchecky will not work with all of them - it missed a few during our tests. Nonetheless, Unchecky works well with most of the popular installers and uses very little resources. If you frequently find yourself overlooking third party offers and end up with unwanted toolbars or application, you definitely want to give Unchecky a try! The current version has a rather minimalist interface without any additional configuration options. We'd like to seem some logging features or notification options that keep the user informed of Unchecky's actions. ...
4 star rating for Unchecky   Freeware    More info & Download

FolderChangesView FolderChangesView
FolderChangesView monitors a selected folder or disk drive and keeps track of every file that is being modified, created, or deleted while the folder is being monitored. You can choose to monitor subfolders, exclude folders and optionally limit tracking to files that match a specific wildcard or fall within a specified size range. The report can be saved to HTML, CSV, TXT or XML format. ...
3.5 star rating for FolderChangesView   Freeware    More info & Download

Bill2`s Process Manager Bill2`s Process Manager
Bill2`s Process Manager is an advanced process manager that allows you to monitor and control CPU usage. It can automatically priority and affinity rules for running processes based on built-in logic or custom user rules and provides detailed statistics for CPU usage, application usage and more. Other features include a learning mode, real-time CPU and memory graphs, process search, a color coded process list and more. Portable mode is offered during install. ...
4 star rating for Bill2`s Process Manager   Freeware    More info & Download

Process Explorer Process Explorer
Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. The Process Explorer display consists of two sub-windows. The top always shows a list of the currently active processes, including the names of their owning accounts, whereas the information displayed in the bottom window depends on the mode that Process Explorer is in. In handle mode you ...
5 star rating for Process Explorer   Freeware    More info & Download

MJ Registry Watcher MJ Registry Watcher
MJ Registry Watcher monitors your system for changes to any of the common startup folders and startup related registry keys, as well as many hidden startup methods and any other file(s) you want to monitor for changes. It offers several security presets, ranging from light to highest security, depending on your personal preference and level of technical expertise. Whenever a monitored file or key is modified, the program will prompt you to confirm the changes, you can also choose to automatically reject any modifications. The program includes features to backup selected items, search the list by keyword and advanced users can also exclude certain files, values or keys from being monitored. Other features include emailing of alerts and manual quarantining of files and directories. ...
3.5 star rating for MJ Registry Watcher   Freeware    More info & Download

SpeedFan SpeedFan
SpeedFan is a hardware monitoring tool, that is able to automatically adjust fan speeds according to your current system temperature. In addition, the program can read S.M.A.R.T values from your disk, DIMM info from your RAM and allows you to change the FSB speed (advanced users only). SpeedFan runs as a tray icon, that displays the current system temperature. ...
4.5 star rating for SpeedFan   Freeware    More info & Download

Process Monitor Process Monitor
Process Monitor is an advanced system monitoring tool that enables you to monitor file system, Registry and process/thread activity in real-time. It offers filters and highlighting rules that enables you to limit and focus the monitoring to processes that match certain conditions. The captured activity can be viewed in real-time and also saved and exported to file. Other features include boot-time logging, configurable display columns, advanced process properties, summary reports and much more. ...
5 star rating for Process Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

USBLogView USBLogView
USBLogView is a small utility that runs in the system tray and automatically keeps track of all USB devices as they are connected or disconnected on your computer. For each action it logs the time, device name and type, serial number and various other details that are available for the device. The log can optionally be saved as HTML report or copied to the clipboard. ...
3.5 star rating for USBLogView   Freeware    More info & Download

logview4net logview4net
logview4net is an (open source) log viewer that can monitor multiple different sources for output or events. The program can be used as a simple log monitor for text based log files but also for more advanced purposes such monitoring incoming UDP/TCP traffic, EventLog entries, StdOut and StdErr as well as RSS feeds. logview4net can even monitor MS SQL and mySQL database tables and return the content of any newly added rows (tail). In addition to viewing the log, the program can also perform certain actions when specific keywords are found, including Highlight, Ignore, PlaySound and more. You can configure multiple log viewers and save them as a session profile that you can reload later. Other features include customizable log colors and support for simultaneous log sessions. A quite capable app that needs some polishing and better documentation. ...
3.5 star rating for logview4net   Freeware    More info & Download

Hexagora Performance Monitor Hexagora Performance Monitor
Hexagora Performance Monitor is a small system monitor that can be placed on the desktop and/or in the system tray. It displays the current CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization with the help of animated graphs. The program is very customizable and lets you choose which panels to display, what colors to use, and which statistics to show on the desktop or in the tray (or both). The statistics panels come in two sizes and can be placed anywhere on the desktop. ...
4 star rating for Hexagora Performance Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

EventLog Inspector EventLog Inspector
EventLog Inspector monitors the Windows EventLogs and can forward log entries to an email address or Syslog server or notify you of new events via pop-up message. You choose to monitor all Event Logs or specify which ones to include or exclude. In addition, you can create event specific filter rules that allow you to limit notifications to only those log entries that match your criteria. EventLog Inspector can also generate custom HTML reports (manually or automatic), consolidate multiple events into a single email message, and email or store reports periodically. Other features include EventLog statistics, customizable email templates, IPv6 support, and more. The program is free for non-commercial use. ...
5 star rating for EventLog Inspector   Freeware    More info & Download

Open Hardware Monitor Open Hardware Monitor
Open Hardware Monitor is an open source application to monitor your computer`s temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages as well as CPU load and clock speeds. The program runs as standalone executable and does not require installation. It automatically generates an overview of all available sensors and their real-time values and also allows you to add selected sensors as icons to your system tray, so you can keep an eye on them without keeping the main interface open. Other features include plotting of temperature graphs, support for S.M.A.R.T. sensors, export to text report and remote monitoring via browser interface. ...
4.5 star rating for Open Hardware Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

Windows 8 CPU Meter Windows 8 CPU Meter
Windows 8 CPU Meter is a small desktop app for Windows 8 that resembles the old Vista/7 CPU gadget. Simply run the program (no installation) and it will display the gadget on your desktop so you can keep an eye on your current CPU, RAM and hard drive usage. You can optionally choose to run the gadget automatically on system startup. ...
3 star rating for Windows 8 CPU Meter   Freeware    More info & Download

DTaskManager DTaskManager
DTaskManager is a stand-alone Task Manager that adds additional functionality to the standard Windows Task Manager. It provides different ways to terminate processes, and you can also trim RAM usage, batch set priorities, temporarily suspend processes, monitor port activity, hide windows and more. The interface is very similar to the Windows version, and can optionally be configured to replace it. ...
4 star rating for DTaskManager   Freeware    More info & Download

OCCT (Overclock Checking Tool) is a tool to check your system stability by running 4 built-in tests, aimed at testing CPUs, GPUs and power supplies. In addition, OCCT also monitors in temperatures, voltages and fan speed, as well as system constants such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage and FPS for 3D testing. You can run a test indefinitely or limit it to certain duration. The results are shown in real-time and also saved as PNG image graphs to a OCCT folder structure, organized by date. The built-in system monitoring features (using HWMonitor) can be customized to automatically stop the test if certain values exceed a specified threshold (e.g. if your CPU is overheating). OCCT is designed for advanced users and overclockers, it offers little documentation and the interface can be a little confusing. ...
4 star rating for OCCT   Freeware    More info & Download

InstallGuard InstallGuard
InstallGuard is designed to prevent unauthorized software installations on a computer. The program resides in the system tray and watches for running processes with specific keywords in the process name. By default, it looks for Setup and MSIEXEC, and there is an option to add additional keywords to the list. If it detects a software installation, it will block the process and display a customizable alert message, informing the user that installations are not allowed. You can set exceptions on a per-user basis and also look at logs to review blocked installations and system changes. We found that InstallGuard works correctly with some of the common installers but not nearly with all of them. Several installers (even Danusoft's own products) where not blocked at all, and in other cases, we simply renamed the installer to something without setup in the file name and were able to install without problems. Given the fact that InstallGuard is still in a beta phase, we hope to see future improvements. With a reliable detection engine, it could provide an interesting alternative to group policies and system account restrictions. Until then however, you should not rely on InstallGuard to actually prevent most software installations. ...
2 star rating for InstallGuard   Freeware    More info & Download

Nodesoft Folder Monitor Nodesoft Folder Monitor
Nodesoft Folder Monitor enables you to monitor one or more folder and be notified when files are changed, added, renamed or deleted. You can choose between visual notification (pop-up window) or sound notification, or both. Advanced users can also specify a command-line to be executed (e.g. run a batch file) ...
3 star rating for Nodesoft Folder Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

DiskAlarm DiskAlarm
DiskAlarm is a small and simple program that runs in the system tray and alerts you when your hard drive temperature exceeds a defined threshold. You can choose via system tray message or sound notification (or both), customize the threshold temperature and measure with Fahrenheit and Celsius units. DiskAlarm supports multiple drives. Portable, no installation required. ...
2.5 star rating for DiskAlarm   Freeware    More info & Download

DriveGLEAM enables you to monitor hard drive activity from the system tray. You can choose to add a dynamic tray icon for one or more of your drives, each indicating the current read/write activity as well as drive capacity. If you don`t need individual indicators for each drive, you can choose to combine multiple drives into a single icon. For more technical inclined users, the program also supports output via parallel port, allowing you to use external LEDs as indicators. ...
3.5 star rating for DriveGLEAM   Freeware    More info & Download

Glint Glint
Glint is a system performance monitor for your desktop, that reveals system activity by changing indicators brightness according to the values of corresponding system performance counters. Glint also displays the most active processes in descending CPU activity order. The program can be customized in every aspect - you can choose from a full display or a minibar that floats anywhere on your screen. You can select the counters to include, customize the look and much more. If you want, you can display up to 100 counters simultaneously in several rows. Standalone software, no installation. ...
3.5 star rating for Glint   Freeware    More info & Download

WinBar WinBar
WinBar is a compact program that lets you monitor your system and provides easy access to frequently used controls. It runs as a toolbar along the top of your screen and provides miniature graphs about CPU usage, memory usage, disk space and more. The program offers a variety of modules you can choose from - you can add time synchronization, email checking, screen resolution, system uptime, an alarm clock, network information and several other useful gadgets while conserving screen space and only activating the statistics you re interested in. The toolbar can also be hidden and quickly accesses when needed. WinBar also includes a tiny WinAmp control, a volume control, a launchbar to start your favorite apps as well as a small news ticker. Very handy! ...
3.5 star rating for WinBar   Freeware    More info & Download

KillProcess KillProcess
KillProcess allows you to terminate just about any process or service that is running on your computer. You can either select it from a list and terminate it manually, or create kill lists that contain multiple process names, and even have the program terminate a process on sight whenever it is started. In addition to terminating processes, you can also review detailed process information, launch a Google search, show/hide windows and set process priority. KillProcess provides an efficient interface and various settings to customize the behavior, including some optional sound effects. ...
4.5 star rating for KillProcess   Freeware    More info & Download

Perfgraph Perfgraph
Perfgraph is a system performance monitor that runs as a desktop toolbar and enables you to keep an eye on CPU usage, memory consumption, network activity, and a variety of hardware sensors as supported by your system. You can configure one or more instances of the application, each monitoring a different activity and also customize the graph color schemes to your liking. Since Perfgraph runs as a desktop toolbar, it integrates into the Windows taskbar and does not take up additional desktop space. ...
4 star rating for Perfgraph   Freeware    More info & Download

Process Tamer Process Tamer
Process Tamer constantly monitors the CPU usage of other processes and temporarily changes the priority for any process that is overloading your system. This can be useful to prevent CPU intensive processes like video editing, conversions, burning etc. from slowing down your system to a crawl by consuming all available CPU. Process Tamer is fully automatic, it runs in the system tray and automatically springs into action when needed. ...
3.5 star rating for Process Tamer   Freeware    More info & Download

CS Fire Monitor CS Fire Monitor
CS Fire Monitor is a system monitoring tool that allows you to keep an eye on important system details of your local or remote machine. It includes real-time graphs for bandwidth usage, CPU load and memory consumption, and can also monitor hard drive utilization, IP address changes and modifications to you hardware and software inventory. Other features include email notifications, statistical reports and a dynamic tray icon that display memory and CPU stats. The program can also provide remote performance data for other machines that run CS Fire Monitor on the network. ...
4 star rating for CS Fire Monitor   Freeware    More info & Download

StartWatch StartWatch
StartWatch enables you to monitor applications on a 24x7 basis and automatically take action if a program hangs, uses excess memory or CPU resources, or if a certain TCP/IP port becomes available. It can automatically start a list of applications in a coordinated manner, monitor them for potential problems and act according to your rules if a program crashes or uses excessive resources. The program can be either started automatically (when StartWatch starts), based on other programs status or based on TCP/IP port availability. StartWatch is now freeware. You can use this registration code to register:
Key=SVS2-WN9G-4NFY ...
3 star rating for StartWatch   Freeware    More info & Download

pcBaseline pcBaseline
pcBaseline enables you to monitor and track changes made to vital areas of your computer, including registry changes, Browser Objects, Program Files, Shared DLLs, Running Processes and more. The program works by creating an initial baseline snapshot of your current configuration, and then allows you to compare future configurations to the selected baseline (you can keep more than one). A report will then show you which items have been added or removed since the selected baseline. pcBaseline does not run continuously, therefore does not take up any system resources - it can be used on a as-needed basis. The program includes presets for the most important system areas, and you can also add your own items to be monitored, allowing you to track changes in folders or registry keys of your choice. The generated reports are easy to read and include context sensitive web reference links, they can also be exported to text, HTML and XML format. The program requires a free registration after 30 days. ...
4 star rating for pcBaseline   Freeware    More info & Download

FingerPrint FingerPrint
FingerPrint allows you to monitor whether files in monitored directories have been created, deleted, or changed since the last scan. When you first run the software it performs an initial scan of the specified directories and indexes all files with checksums, so that even the slightest change can be detected in subsequent scans. The program can automatically save the results of the scan, and then use it as a base for the next scan. The results are presented in a simple, easy to read overview. ...
3.5 star rating for FingerPrint   Freeware    More info & Download

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