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Protect your computer from intruders. Personal firealls allow you to regulate incoming and outgoing TCP/IP (Internet) traffic on your computer.
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security (formerly Comodo Firewall) combines Comodo AntiVirus with a personal firewall that filters ingoing and outgoing traffic on your computer. It alerts you of any applications that attempts to connect to the Internet and allows you to permanently or temporarily allow or block the connection. Advanced users can customize the application and TCP/IP rules based on IP address, protocol and destination port, however this is not required unless you have a reason to customize the rules. In addition to application behavior and network connections, Comodo Firewall also monitors components (dll files etc.) that initiate network connections, as well as parent processes and modifications to executables (checksum verification). Other features include attack prevention (port scanning, flooding), adjustable security levels, trusted networks, activity log and more. The firewall and antivirus features can be installed individually, you do not have to install both. ...
4.5 star rating for Comodo Internet Security   Freeware    More info & Download

TinyWall TinyWall
TinyWall is an add-on to the advanced firewall that comes built-in with Windows 7 and Vista. It is designed to harden the firewall protection and provide you with easy to use configuration options that do not require constant pop-ups or complicated rule settings. TinyWall comes with built-in rules that, by default, will block most incoming or outgoing connections. You can use the Whitelist features to manually allow applications, or you can use the learning mode, which will temporarily allow all traffic and automatically add the exclusions for you. TinyWall also comes with an option to unblock all LAN traffic, which will restrict incoming and outgoing Internet traffic according to your settings but allow all local network traffic. This feature can be very handy if you have a lot of applications that communicate across your home or office network. Other features include an option to password protect the settings, firewall tampering protection, block-all mode, integrated malware block list, temporary exclusions, IPv6 support, and more. Keep in mind that TinyWall is not a standalone firewall! It acts as a front-end to the built-in Windows firewall and makes it more effective and easier to control. There are no additional drivers or protection layers to install and everything tightly integrates with your Windows system. ...
4.5 star rating for TinyWall   Freeware    More info & Download

ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free
ZoneAlarm provides essential protection for Internet users. Combining the safety of a dynamic firewall with total control over applications Internet use, ZoneAlarm provides protection against intruders. Once you tell ZoneAlarm how you use your computer, the firewall only allows traffic that you approve and initiate. Free for personal and non-profit use. ...
3.5 star rating for ZoneAlarm Free   Freeware    More info & Download

Privatefirewall Privatefirewall
Privatefirewall is a Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection Application that helps prevent unauthorized access to your PC, at home, the office, or on the road. Privatefirewall constantly monitors the sensitive areas of a PC where intrusion can occur, including browser security settings, network settings etc. and reports on their status. The program is easy to install/use and provides protection right out of the box. The interface will accommodate advanced users as well as novice users, it does not overload you with options and features, yet provides access to powerful rule settings and filers for advanced users via the right click menu. Privatefirewall offers everything that you`d expect from a personal firewall, including Packet Filtering, Internet traffic (packet) filtering, port scanning, IP tracking, SecurePOP email protection, and a proprietary Application Control Engine, which monitors all applications that access the Internet. The program integrates with the Windows Security Center, and offers a choice of 3 different profile settings for at home, at work and on the road, which makes it especially interesting for Notebook users that frequently connect to other networks. ...
4 star rating for Privatefirewall   Freeware    More info & Download

Online Armor Free Online Armor Free
Online Armor Free is a personal firewall that protects you from hackers, malicious programs and identity theft. It features a self-learning rule engine that automatically configures firewall rules based on the programs you are currently using, as well as an option to edit or create rules manually. In addition to the firewall functionality, Online Armor Free also includes a Program Guard that can protect you from executing programs unknowingly and stops unrecognized programs from running on your computer. Other features include a firewall monitor that displays all current connections, tamper protection, keylogger detection, Script/Worm protection and more. Note: Make sure you select Limited freeware version (a small option) when installing the software. ...
4.5 star rating for Online Armor Free   Freeware    More info & Download

R-Firewall R-Firewall
R-Firewall is a personal firewall that allows you to control which applications can access the Internet. It supports application rules based on protocol, IP and ports. During the initial learning mode, you will be asked each time an application is initiating a network connection and have the option to allow or deny it, and also create a rule for future attempts. The program also includes content and email filtering options based on keywords in the URL, picture size, host and other aspects. ...
2.5 star rating for R-Firewall   Freeware    More info & Download

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