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Cryptnos 1.3.3
create secure, recoverable passwords

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Cryptnos enables you to create secure passwords that are unique for each site but are all based on a common pass phrase. Since secure passwords are usually difficult to remember, many people use the same password for many services. As a result, if one of your accounts gets hacked all others are at risk as well since they use the same password (and probably the same email address). With Cryptnos, you can use a single, easy to remember master pass phrase, which is used to generate a password based on the name of the site or service and a selected hash algorithm. For example, you could use "test123" as your master pass phrase and then generate a unique password for "snapfiles", which would be "s4LNAniR" while the password for "facebook" would be "xsGqseRC". If you forget any of these passwords, simple run Cryptnos, enter the site name and regenerate the password. As long as the site name and application settings are the same, Cryptnos will regenerate the same password for you. The program supports different password parameters (lenght, character types) as well as several hash algorithms to choose from. It is important to remember that you need to use the same Hash algorithm and password settings as well as the exact same site name if you want to recreate the original password. Cryptnos makes this easy by offering the option to lock your parameters, so you don't accidentally change them and you can also make a backup of your settings. Cryptnos also offers an Android version, which allows you to recreate your password if you need access to them on the go.

License: Freeware
Price: Free
O/S: windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
File size: 888 kb
Author: J.T. Darlington
Updated: 03/13/2013
Our Rating : 4.5 star rating for Cryptnos


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